Israel day 1


Machane Yehuda Market

The market was fun and delicious and I got to experience chaos (but good chaos) and it was really fun.  I had the best falafel I ever had in my life (but I’m sure within the week I will have even better).  The market seemed like a community place and showed me how Israel can make all its own food—and that food was delicious. 

Israel Museum

Today I went to the Israel Museum and I got to see a ton of history and really cool stuff like mini-Jerusalem and a lot of history that I have been learning about in JS.  It brings the Torah and history that I have been learning about over the years to life.  It was great to see Herod’s theater in the mini-Jerusalem because the day before I left I did a presentation on it.

Yad Vashem

First I got to meet a holocaust survivor who is a volunteer there.  I think her name was Berta.  It teaches you a lot about the holocaust and your history even if you know a bunch about it—and you have a Jewish obligation to go.  And it teaches you a lot and its beautifully designed.  The zig-zag path through the museum was good but the lighting was also good and how they built a street from Poland.  They checked to make sure my brother was 10 because thats the rule and I understand why they did it but if people are younger then 10 and want to learn about it they should be allowed to.  If you want to never forget and never repeat it you need to teach it.  If we wait for kids to be 10 there won’t be survivors around to learn from.

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